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                                                                                                                    1460's                          1470's                        1480's


1470     Full-Length     History Paintings                       


A Young Man, ca. 1470 (Giovanni Bellini) (1430-1516) Museo dell’Accademia Carrara, Bergamo      


                                                Antoine Bastard of Burgundy at 50 (Hans Memling) (1433-1494) SKD-GG                      Man “1470-1475” (Hans Memling) (1433-1494) NGDC 1937.1.42


Man (Hans Memling) (1433-1494) Gemäldegalerie, Berlin                   Woman (Hans Memling) (1433-1494) Paris


A Man, ca. 1470 (Hans Memling) (ca. 1433-1494) Städel Museum, Franfurt am Main             A Man, ca. 1470 (Hans Memling) (ca. 1433-1494) The Frick Collection, New York, NY, 1968.1.69  


                                                Woman ca. 1470 (Alesso Baldovinetti) (1425-1499) National Gallery, London NG758                          Woman (Antonio Pollaiuolo) (1429-1498) Location TBD


                                                Woman “3rd 3rd of 15th cent.” (Antonio Pollaiuolo) (1429-1498) MetNYC 50.135..3                  Woman “3rd 3rd of 15th cent.”(Piero del Pollaiuolo)(1443-1496) Museo Poldi Pezzoli, Milan



A Man, ca. 1470 (Unknown South German Artist) Kunstmuseum Basel, INV 2045                     Joan of Portugal, Queen Consort of Castile, ca. 1475 (Unknown Artist) Convento de Jesus Aveiro

                                1471   Full-Length   History Paintings

                                                Galeazzo Maria Sforza in Florence “ca.”(Piero Pollaiuolo aka Piero Benci) (1441-1496) Uffizi, Florence                     Alexander Mornauer, ca. 1464-1488 (Unknown Artist, Tyrolean?) The National Gallery, London NG 6532

                               1472    Full-Length   History Paintings

                                               Gilles Joye, 1472 by Hans Memling, 1433-1494


                                                Self-Portrait (Filippino Lippi) (1457-1504) Brancacci Chapel, Florence from Dispute with Simon Magus                    Young Florentine Man “ca. 1470” (Biagio d’Antonio) (fl.1472-1516) MetNYC 32.100.68

                                1473   Full-Length   History Paintings

                                                Young Man “1472-1473” (Francesco del Cossa)(1430-1487) MTBM                        A Man, ca. 1470-1475 (attributed to Hugo van der Goes) (1440-1482) Location TBD

                                                Lady (Sandro Botticelli) (1445-1510) VAMLondon

                                1474     Full-Length    History Paintings

                                                 Joerg Fugger, 1474 (Giovanni Bellini) (1430-1516) Norton Simon Museum, Pasadena, CA M.1969.13.P                 Joerg Fugger, ca. 1474 (Giovanni Bellini) (1430-1516) Private Collection, Milano 

                                                 A Boy, ca. 1474 (Giovanni Bellini) (1430-1516) Barber Institute of Fine Arts, Birmingham, UK                 Ludovico II Gonzaga, 1474, detail from Camera degli Sposi (Andrea Mantegna) (1431-1506) Palazzo Ducale di Mantova      

                                                 Young Man (Sandro Botticelli) (1445-1510)

                                                Rene I of Anjou, 1474, Matheron Diptych (Nicolas Froment) (ca. 1435-1486) Musée du Louvre, Paris                         Jeanne de Laval, 1474, Matheron Diptych (Nicolas Froment) (ca. 1435-1486) Musée du Louvre, Paris     

                                     Simonetta Vespucci at 21 (Sandro Botticelli) (1445-1510)              Simonetta Vespucci (Sandro Botticelli) (1445-1510)

                      1475    Full-Length  History Paintings

                                                 Pope Sixtus IV, ca. 1473-1475 by Justus van Ghent (ca. 1410-1480) and Pedro Berruguete (ca. 1450-1504) Louvre, Paris Richelieu 2 Salle 4


                                                 Condotierre (Antonello da Messina) (1430-1479) Louvre                   Man (Antonello da Messina) (1430-1479) Gemäldegalerie, Berlin


                                                "Baruni" (Antonello da Messina)(1430-1479) Museo della Fondazione Culturale Mandralisca, (Palermo)                 Self Portrait? (Antonello da Messina) (1430-1479) National Gallery, London NG1141


                                                 Man, ca. (Antonello da Messina) (1430-1479) GBR                      A Man with a pink, ca. 1475 (Hans Memling) (ca. 1433-1494) The Morgan Library and Museum, New York, NY                                 

                                                 Jacques of Savoy, ca. 1475 (Unknown Dutch Master) Kunstmuseum, Basel Inv. 457           Mary of Burgundy, ca. 1475 (attributed to Michael Pacher) (1430-1498) Heinz Kisters Collection, Kreuzlingen, Thurgau    



                                                Cardinal Philippe de Levis (Antoniazzo Romano) (1430-1512) Private collection               

                                                An Old Man, ca. 1475 (Hans Memling) (ca. 1433-1494) The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY, 14.40.648                   Old Woman “1468-1470” (Hans Memling) (1433-1494) MFAHouston 44.530 


Young Man, ca. 1475 by Hans Memling, 1433-1494 National Gallery, London                    

Young Man ca. (Antonio del Crevalcore) (fl. 1461-1525) Museo Correr, Venice                     


A Man, ca. 1475 (Alvise Vivarini) (1444-1505) Location TBD                        A Man, ca. 1475 (attributed to Alvise Vivarini) (1444-1505) Location TBD       


Self-Portrait, from Adoration of the Magi (Sandro Boticelli) (1445-1510)                    

                Lady (Sandro Botticelli) (1445-1510)Galleria Palatina (Palazzo Pitti), Florence                       A Lady, ca. 1475 (Sandro Botticelli) (1445-1510) Lindenau-Museum, Altenburg           


                                                A Boy, ca. 1475 (Francesco Botticini) (1446-1497) Christie's Auction House                 Lucrezia Tornabuoni, ca. 1475 (Domenico Ghirlandaio) (1448-1494) Location TBD

                                                A Young Woman, ca. 1475 (Martin Schongauer) (1450-1491) Heinz Kisters Foundation, Kreuzlingen, Switzerland                     Ludovico Portinari (MASTER of the Legend of St. Ursula) (fl. 1480-1500) Philadelphia Museum of Art


                                                Young Man “1450-1500” (UA Ferrara) Getty Center, LA 85.PB.233                 Pius Joachim “ca” (UA “Bavarian Master) KMB Inv. 469

                                1476   Full-Length   History Paintings

                                                Trivulzio, ca. 1476 (Antonello da Messina) (1430-1479) Museo Civico d'Arte Antica, Turin                    Francesco II Ganzaga, ca. 1476 (Baldassare Estense) (1432-1504) National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.    


                                                Ginevra de Benci (obverse) 1474-1478 (Leonardo da Vinci) (1452-1519) National Gallery, D.C. 1967.6.1.a                  Young Venetian Man “1475-1476” (Jacometto) (fl. 1472-1498) MetNYC 49.7.3

                                1477     Full-Length   History Paintings

                                                Young Man ca. (Sandro Botticelli or Filippino Lippi ) (1445-1510)/(1457-1504) National Gallery, D.C.              Young Man “ca. 1485” (Sandro Botticelli or Filippino Lippi ) (1445-1510)/(1457-1504) NGDC? copy?


Louis of Gruuthuse “1472-1482” (Unknown Flemish Artist )Groeninge Museum, Bruges

                                1478     Full-Length    History Paintings

                                                A Donor-Canon with Saint Jerome, ca. 1475-1480 (attributed to Simon Marmion) (ca. 1425-1489) Location TDB                  Man (Antonello da Messina) (1430-1479) Gemaldegalerie, Berlin      


Man “1474” (Antonello da Messina) (1430-1479) Staatliche Museen, Berlin                      Young Man “1475-1480” (Antonello da Messina) (1430-1479) NGDC 1937.1.31


Man (Hans Memling) (1433-1494) Koninklijk Museum, Antwerp                     A Man, ca. 1478 (Hans Memling) (1433-1494) The Royal Collection, Windsor         


Ursula Tucher (Michael Wolgemut) (1434-1519) SMKassel                      Giuliano de' Medici, posthumous, ca.. 1478 by Sandro Botticelli, 1446-1510 National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC 1952.5.56

Florentine Man “1477-1478” (Domenico Ghirlandaio) (1448-1494) MetNYC 32.100.67                   A Young Man, ca. 1477-1478 (Domenico Ghirlandaio) (1449-1494) Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, UK, WA1850.15                        

A Monk, ca. 1478 (Hugo van der Goes) (fl. 1467-1482) The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY 22.60.53                 A Carthusian Monk, ca. 1460-1480 (circle of Dieric Bouts) (ca. 1410-1475) Christie's Sale 6360, Lot 1 July 2, 2012             

                                    A Woman, ca. 1475-1480 (Unknown Artist)  Location TBD

                                1479  Full-Length    History Paintings

                                                “Humanist” “1475-1480” (Giovanni Bellini)(1430-1516) Civiche Raccolte d'Arte, Milan                 Giovanni Emo “1475-1480” (Giovanni Bellini) (1430-1516) National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.


                                                Children of Gugleimo VIII Paleologo, ca. "1474-1479" (Unknown Artist) Cappella di Santa Margherita Crea



                                                                                                         1460's                                 1470's                             1480's

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