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                                  1590       Half Length         Group       

                                                Alessandro Farnese duc de Nemours,  ca. 1590 (Jean Baptiste de Saive) (1540-1624) Galleria Nazionale, Parma            George Clifford, Earl of Cumberland, ca. 1590 (Nicholas Hilliard) (1547-1619)  National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, UK       

                                                Field Marshal Lucio Foppa, ca. 1590 (Giovanni Anbrogio Figino) (ca. 1548-1608)   Pinacoteca di Brera, Milano

                                                Mary Kytson, Lady Darcy of Ciche, ca. 1590 (Unknown Artist) Tate Britain, London  L002466

                                1591       Half Length         Group    

                                                Philip Manuel of Savoy at 5 years old, 1591 (Jan Kraek) (??-1607) Museo Nacional de Prado, Madrid,   P01264

                                1592       Half Length         Group

                                1593       Half Length         Group

                                1594       Half Length         Group

                                1595       Half Length         Group     

                                                Infanta Isabella Clara Eugenia of Spain,  ca. 1595  (Sofonisba Anguissola) (1532-1625)   Museo Nacional de Prado, Madrid                  Maria de' Medici, future Queen Consort of France, ca. 1595 (Pietro Facchetti) (1539-1613)  Palazzo Lancelotti,  Roma      

                                                Christina of Lorraine, Grand Duchess Consort of Tuscany, ca. 1595 (Scipione Pulzone) (1544-1598)  Location TBD 


                                                 William Fitzwillam of Milton and Gainspark, ca. 1595  (circle of William Segar) (1565-1633) Weiss Gallery, London       Elizabeth I, Queen of England, ca. 1595 (Unknown Artist)  Hardwick House, Witchurch-on-Thames, Oxfordshire 

                                1596       Half Length         Group       

                                                Alfonso II d'Este, ca. 1596 (Cesare Aretusi) (1549-1612)  Location TBD                   Anne, Lady Pope with her children, 1596  (Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger) (1561-1636) Private Collection      

                                1597       Half Length         Group       

                                                Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex,  ca. 1597  (Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger) (1561-1636) National Portrait Gallery, London,  NPG 4985

                                1598       Half Length         Group         

                                                Thomas Howard, 1st Earl of Suffolk, 1598 (Unknown Artist)  Kenwood House, Hampstead, London

                                1599       Half Length         Group       

                                                Isabella Clara Eugenia of Spain with an attendant, ca. 1599  (Franz Pourbus the Younger) (1569-1622) Royal Collection, Hampton Court, London   


                                                Albrecht of Austria and Isabella Clara Eugenia of Spain, ca. 1599  (Peter Paul Rubens) (1577-1640)   Location TBD

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