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1650       Half-Length        Full-Length       

                A Family, ca. 1650 (Gonzales Coques) (1618-1684)  Szépművészeti Múzeum, Budapest    

1651       Half-Length        Full-Length

1652       Half-Length        Full-Length           

               Willem van Kerckhoven and Family, 1652 (Johannes Mijtens) (ca. 1614-1670)  Haags Historisch Museum 

1653       Half-Length        Full-Length

                Governors of the Archers' Civic Guild of Amsterdam, 1653 (attributed to Bartholomeus van der Helst) (1613-1670)  Musée du Louvre, Paris,  Inv. 1332

1654       Half-Length        Full-Length       

                The Van Moerkerken Family, ca. 1654 (Gerard ter Borch) (1617-1681) Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY,  1982.60.30

1655       Half-Length        Full-Length      

                The De Goyer Family & Painter, ca. 1655 (Adriaen van Ostade) (1610-1685) Museum Bredius, Den Haag, Inv.nr. 86-1946, Cat.nr.121                

                Four Governors of the Archers' Civic Guild of Amsterdam, 1655 (Bartholomeus van der Helst) (1613-1670)  Amsterdam Museum,  SA-2101 

1656       Half-Length        Full-Length        

                A Poultry Seller with his Family in Paris, 1656 (Jean Michelin) (1623-1695)   Sotheby's Sale, L13034

1657       Half-Length        Full-Length

1658       Half-Length        Full-Length

1659       Half-Length        Full-Length  

                Sir Thomas Fanshawe and his wife Mary, 1659 (Sir Peter Lely) (1618-1680)  Valence House Museum, Dagenshaw, London

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