1650's                    1660's                    1670's

                                1660       Half Length         Group      


                                1661       Half Length         Group

                                                Charles II, King of England, ca. 1661 (John Michael Wright) (1617-1694)  The Royal Collection, UK

                                1662       Half Length         Group       

                                                Catherine-Agnès Arnault & Catherine de St. Suzanne de Champaigne (Philippe de Champaigne) (1602-1674) Musée du Louvre, Paris,  INV. 1138

                                1663       Half Length         Group   

                                                A Woman playing the Cello, 1663 (Gabriel Metsu) (1629-1667)  Location TBD

                                1664       Half Length         Group           

                                                A Young Man, 1664  (Victor Boucquet) (1619-1777)   Musée du Louvre, Paris,  R.F. 1155      

                                1665       Half Length         Group       

                                                A Woman, 1665 (Gerard Terborch) (1617-1681)  Cleveland Art Museum, OH, 1944.93          

                                                Barbara Villiers,  ca. 1665  (workshop of Sir Peter Lely) (1618-1680) The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York,. NY,   39.65.9

                                                Elizabeth Hamilton, Countess de Graumont, ca. 1665 (Sir Peter Lely) National Portrait Gallery, London                   

                                                Margarita Teresa (Gerard du Chateau?) (??-??)   Kunsthistorisches Museum, Wien,  GG_3075

                                1666       Half Length         Group       

                                                Empress Doña Margarita de Austria in mourning, 1666  (Juan Bautista Martinez del Mazo) (??-??) Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid    

                                1667       Half Length         Group     


                                                Leopold I, 1667  (Jan Thomas) (1617-1673) Kunsthistorisches Museum, Wien, Inv.-Nr. GG_9135             Infanta Margareta Teresa, 1667  (Jan Thomas) (1617-1673)  Kunsthistorisches Museum, Wien,   Inv.-Nr. GG_9136       

                                                A Lady, 1667 Gabriel Metsu) (1629-1667) Minneapolis Institute of Arts, MN  

                                1668       Half Length         Group       

                                                Self-Portrait, 1668  (Gerard ter Borch) (1617-1681) Mauritshuis, Den Haag,     177

                         1669       Half Length         Group

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