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2000                        G7 plus Russia summit meeting in Okinawa (7/21-23)

                                Euronext forms from numerous European bourses (9/22)

                                USS Cole is bombed in Aden, Yemen - killing 17 (10/12)

                                Albert Fujimori -                   (Peru)                                                     (1990-)    President

                                Hovhaness, Alan                                                                 1911-2000               Composer

                                Hundertwasser, Friedensreich                                           1928-2000

                                Puente, Tito                                                                          1923-2000               Musician

2001                        Texaco merges with Chevron

                                Massacre of Nepalese Royal family purportedly by son Dipendra (6/1)

                                US - China Agreement (6/14)

                                Twin Towers destroyed in Manhattan by al-Qaeda terrorists (9/11)


                                US invades Afghanistan

                                WTO “Doha Round” (-present)  - farm subsidies in Europe and tarrifs a big stumbling bloc to agreement

                                Adler, Mortimer                                                                    1902-2001

                                Carlevaro, Abel                                                                    1952-2001               Musician

                                Corso, Gregory                                                                     1930-2001               Writer

                                Granz, Norman                                                                      1918-2001               Musician

                                Kesey, Ken Elton                                                                 1935-2001               Writer

                                Rola, Balthazar Klossowski de (Balthus)                         1908-2001

                                Sutton, Ralph                                                                        1922-2001

                                Xenakis, Yannis                                                                   1922-2001               Composer

2002                        East Timor gains independence from Indonesia (5/20)

                                SORT (Moscow Treaty) is signed by Bush and Putin - limits operational missiles to 1700-2200 each (5/24)

                                US withdraws from ABM Treaty (6/13)

                                Sarbanes - Oxley Act (7/30)

                                Cote d'Ivoire army mutiny (9)

                                Road Map for Peace by the Quartet of US, Russia, UK, and UN (9/17)

                                NORTHCOM forms (10/1)

                                Jose Alexandre Gusmao +  (East Timor)                                          (-present)

                                Cela, Camilo Jose                                                 1916-2002

                                Hampton, Lionel                                                                   1908-2002               Musician

                                Lawrence, Jacob                                                                   1917-2002               Painter

                                Lindgren, Astrid                                                                   1907-2002

                                Rawls, John                                                                           1921-2002

                                Reisz, Karel                                                                           1926-2002

                                Rivers, Larry                                                                         1923-2002

2003                        US invades Iraq (3/19)

                                Baghdad falls to US troops (4/9)

                                200 people in Fallujah protest occupation - 15 killed by US troops (4/28)

                                George Bush proclaims "end of major combat operations in Iraq: "Mission Accomplished" (5/1)

                                Saddam Hussein captured (12/13)

                                Bush lifts steel tarrifs (12)

                                Lackawanna Six on Trial    

                                Scooter Libby provides classified NIE information to Bob Woodward about strength of Iraq's weapons (6/27)

                                Joseph Wilson's Op-Ed Article debunks White House claim that Iraq tried to procure Uranium from Niger (7/6)


                                569 Roman Catholic Archdioceses and 2014 Dioceses

                                Sudanese rebel groups take up arms against Government - start of civil war

                                Hu Jintao +                            (China)                                                                   President

                                Tempest Fantasy                                                  Moravek

                                Berio, Luciano                                                                      1925-2003               Composer

                                Brim, John                                                                             1922-2003

                                Kazanjoglous, Elia                                                               1909-2003

                                Peck, Gregory                                                                       1916-2003               Actor

                                Plimpton, George                                                                  1927-2003

                                Said, Edward                                                                         1935-2003

2004                        The Passion (Mel Gibson)

                                Four private military contractors are killed in Fallujah (3/31) 

                                Mahdi Army under Moqtada al-Sadr begins uprising in Sadr City (Saddam City) Baghdad (4/4)

                                Operation Vigilant Resolve - abortive attack on Fallujah (4/4) -(4/28)

                                Operation Vigilant Resolve ends (4/28)

                                George Bush elected for 2nd term - defeats Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts (11/2)

                                Operation Phantom Fury begins- US siege of Fallujah (11/7) (-12/23)

                                Operation Phantom Fury - US drops "Whiskey Pete" White Phosphorus - on Fallujah - chemical weapon (11/8)

                                Operation Plymouth Rock begins- US/British anti-insurgent sweep of area south of Baghdad (11/23)

                                “Lean Back” Terror Squad

                                College Dropout                                                                 Kanye West

                                Bresson, Henri Cartier-                                                        1908-2004

                                Charles, Ray                                                                          1930-2004               Musician

                                Crick, Francis H.C.                                                               1916-2004

                                Jones, Elvin                                                                           1927-2004               Musician

                                Shaw, Artie                                                                           1910-2004               Musician

2005                        Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

                                Forty Year Old Virgin

                                Brokeback Mountain (Ang Lee)


                                Munich (Stephen Spielberg)

                                The Squid and the Whale

                                Memoirs of a Geisha

                                Friends with Money

                                The Da Vinci Code

                                Flight 93

                                Back Home                                                            Eric Clapton

                                Creation and Chaos                                             Paul McCartney

                                Moonlight Serenade                                            Carly Simon

                                Get Behind Me Satan                                          White Stripes

                                X & Y                                                                     Coldplay

                                109th US Congress (first session) convenes (1/4)

                                Naivasha Treaty - ends Second Sudanese Civil War between North and South (1/9)

                                Car bomb in Iraq kills 125 (wounds 150)  in Hilla - deadliest "insurgent" attack since toppling of Saddam (2/28)

                                G8 Summit convenes in Edinburgh, Scotland amid mass protests (7/5)

                                Terrorists attack London transportation system in the morning - killing forty plus  (7/7)

                                Terrorist Attacks in Egyptian Red Sea tourist port (7)

                                CAFTA passes

                                Bush appoints John Bolton as US ambassador to the United States

                                Mars Exploration Project launches probe that will orbit Mars atmosphere - Michael Myer chief scientist (8/12)

                                84000000 barrels a day global demand for oil - price per barrel $66 (8/12)

                                Hurricane Katrina pounds New Orleans (8/29)

                                Iraq Stampede kills 700+ on Bagdhad bridge (8/30)      

                                Chief Justice Renquist dies (9/4) buried (9/7)

                                Senate Confirmation hearings of Judge John Roberts begin (9/13)

                                Wolrd Summit meets in New York - 191 UN member states speak (9/14-16)

                                John G. Roberts confirmed and sworn in as 17th U.S. Supreme Court Justice 3 PM (9/29)

                                Chad-Sudanese officially begins (12/23)

                                John Paul II -                                                                                         (1978-)

                                Benedict VI + (4/19)

                                Burnside, R.L.                                                                       1926-2005               Musician

                                Davies, Hugh                                                                        1943-2005

                                Diamond, David                                                                   1915-2005               Composer

                                Ferrer, Ibrahim                                                                              -2005               Musician (Cuba) (8/7)

                                Giulini, Carlo Maria                                                              1914-2005               Conductor

                                Jennings, Peter                                                                     1938-2005               Journalist (8/7)

                                Moog, Robert                                                                       1934-2005

                                Rochberg, George                                                                        -2005               Composer

                                Smith, Jimmy                                                                         1925-2005               Musician

2006                        US-IRAQ WAR ... (1991-)

                                ISRAELI-HEZBOLLAH WAR +-  (2006+-)

                                Alito confirmed

                                Iran - Russian nuclear negotiations

                                US recognizes India's right to be a nuclear superpower - creates international contrroversy

                                Hamas comes to power in Palestine - wins majority in election

                                Operation Swarmer - US offensive

                                Al-Askari Mosque Bombing - inflames Sunni Shiite violence - Iraq on the brink of full scale civil war (2/22)

                                Arab League meeting (3)

                                French Labor Protests (3/28)

                                Equador presidential elections -

                                Belarus presidential election - Alexander G. Lukashenko re-elected -  "Europe's last dictator" (3/19)

                                Liberian president visits UN in New York

                                Charles Taylor, ex- Liberian president, apprehended trying to escape to Cameroon - extradited to Sierra Leone

                                Turkey cracks down on Kurd insurgents in Diyarbakir, Kiziltepe, &Istanbul- 15 killed - 500 detained (4/1-4/5)

                                Thailand Prime Minister Thaskin resigns (4)

                                Baratha Mosque Bombed - kills 90 and wounds 175

                                Immigration Bill in US stalls before two week recess  (4/7)

                                Italian general elections - Berlusconi vs. Romano Prodi (center left) in a deadlock (4/9/4/10)

                                Peru holds first phase of presidential elections - none of the three contenders get majority (4/10)

                                Boat sinks off Bahrain - killing 150+- mainly tourists out for a dinner cruise

                                Immigrant Rally Day in US cities (5/1)              3

                                Darfur Peace Agreement signed by Sudan government and Sudanese Liberation Army (SLA) (5/5)

                                Saddam's trial resumes after three week hiatus (5/15)

                                Montenegro votes on independence from union with Serbia (5/21)

                                First Session of the UN Human Rights Council meets in Geneva (6/19-23)

                                Hamdan v. Rumsfeld  (5-3) - military commissions to try Guantanamo detainees are deemed illegal (6/29)

                                Hezbollah forces capture two Israeli soldiers in cross border raid from Lebanon - sparks war (7/12)

                                BP announces a shutdown of the crude oil pipeline out of Prudhoe Bay, AK for repairs (2.5% OF US) (8/8)

                                Israeli raid into Bodai, Lebanon to disrupt Hezbollah supply lines jeopardizes five day cease fire (8/19)

                                61st Session of the United Nations convenes (9/12)

                                Senate passes S. 3930 - allowing for indefinite detention of suspected terrorists (9/28)

                                Sadr City Bombing - kills 200 in Baghdad (11)

                                109th session of U.S. Congress ends at 4:40 AM - met for only 102 days (12/9)      Saturday

                                EU Space program reaches Venus to go into orbit (4/11)

                                Ali Farke Toure                                                                           -2006

2007                        SRI LANKAN CIVIL WAR

                                US-IRAQ WAR ... (1991-)

                                IRAQI CIVIL WAR (2006-)

                                PALESTINIAN CIVIL WAR ...

                                Haraj Market Bombing - kills 88 in Baghdad (1/22)

                                Al-Sadriya Market Bombing - kills 102 in central Baghdad (2/3)

                                Seven Car Bombs in Kirkuk kill 5 injure 40 - targets Kurdish Dem. Party and Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (2/3)

                                Turkey cracks down on Kurd insurgents in Diyarbakir, Kiziltepe, &Istanbul- 15 killed - 500 detained (4/1-4/5)

                                Thailand Prime Minister Thaskin resigns (4)


                                Baratha Mosque Bombed - kills 90 and wounds 175

2008                        US-AFGHAN WAR ... (2001-)

                                US-IRAQ WAR II ... (2003-)

                                Barack Obama is elected President of the United States - 1st African American to do so (11/4)

                                Obama meets with Bush at the White House for private conferrence (11/10)

                                Chrichton, Michael

                                Hubbard, Freddie

                                Newman, Paul

2009                        US-AFGHAN WAR ... (2001-)

                                US-IRAQ WAR II ... (2003-)

                                Barack Obama inaugurated as 44th President (1/20)

                                Obama gives press conference from East Room of White House on the $836 billion Economic Recovery Plan (2/9)

                                Somali pirates capture captain of US ship (4)


2012                        Mitt Romney wins Florida Republican Primary over Gingrich, Santorum, and Ron Paul (1/31)   Tu


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