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65.5 MA                 CENOZOIC 65.5 ERA (65.5 M)         (67MA-p)

                                TERTIARY67 PERIOD (65 M) no official rank (ICS)(67-2 MA)

                        PALEOGENE 65.5 PERIOD (42.47)            (65.5-23.03 MA)

                                PALEOCENE EPOCH65.5 (9.7 M)                  (65.5-55.8 MA)

                                Alpine mountain building worldwide throughout Tertiary

                                Third and final major stage of breakup of Panagaea - Norwegian Sea opens up (Paleocene to Oligocene)

                                K/T Extinction Event - dinosaurs disappear, along with ammonites (or K/Paleogene)

                                DANIAN65.5  STAGE  (4.4 M)                                           (65.5-61.1 MA)                     

65 MA                    Earliest white shark teeth (-60 M)

63 MA                    Haplorrhini (dry nosed) splits from more primitive Strepsirrhines (wet nosed)  primate line

62 MA                    Phorusrhacidae family (aka Terror Birds) appear (-2 MA)

61.1 MA                 SELANDIAN61.1 STAGE  (2.4 M)                                     (61.1-58.7 MA)

60 MA                    Hyracotherium ("Eohippus") - earliest known member of the horse family (-45 MA)

58.7 MA                 THANETIAN58.7  STAGE  (2.9 M)                         (58.7-55.8 MA)

56 MA                    Sifrhippus - small horse that got smaller as time proceeded

55.8 MA                 EOCENE55.8 EPOCH (22 M)                           (55.8-36 MA)

                   PETM - Paleocene/Eocene Therman Maximum - rapid global warming by 6 degrees Celsius  hits peak

                                Mass faunal extinctions after PETM

                   Hammerhead sharks (Sphyrnidae)  appear during Eocene

                                YPRESIAN55.8  STAGE  (7.2 M)                                       (55.8-48.6 MA)

55 MA                    EECO begins - Early Eocene Climatic Optimum - brought on by increased volcanic activity?

                                No useful fossil record has been discovered for this period (55-26 m)

                                Anscestors pf the wombat appear - Diprodontia

53 MA                    ELMO event - "Eocene Layer of Mysterious Origen

50 MA                    EECO ends - cooling of deep water in Oceans worlwide 

                                Cataceans - land mammals adapt to marine life - Pakicetids

                                Earliest known bat

                                Lemur/Loris Split

                                Notharctus - inhabited Europe

49 MA                    Azolla Event - freshwater fern "Azolla" blooms in Arctic Ocean - draw down of carbon produces current "Ice House" age

48.6 MA                 LUTETIAN48.6  STAGE  (8.2 M)                                        (48.6-40.4 MA)                     

45 MA                    Tarsius syrichta (Philippine tarsier) (-present)

40.4 MA                 BARTONIAN40.4  STAGE(3.2 M)                                      (40.4-37.2 MA)

40 MA                    Formation of 1st Antarctic ice

                                Basilosaurus cetoides ("emperor reptile") (-37 MA)   Alabama state fossil

                                Canids first appear (dog family) ( -early Oligocene)

                                Old world/New World monkey split

37.2                         PRIABONIAN37.2 STAGE  (3.3 M)                                    (37.2-33.9)

33.9 MA                 OLIGOCENE EPOCH33.9 (11 M)                    (33.9-25 MA)

                                First felids (cats) emerge  (- 25MA)

                                RUPELIAN33.9  STAGE  (5.5 M)                                       (33.9-28.4 MA)

33.5 MA                 Grand Coupure Event (MP21 event) - major turnover of European mammalian fauna -Asian influx to follow

30 MA                    South America and Antarctica separate creating Drake's Passage

28.4 MA                 CHATTIAN28.4  STAGE  (5.37 M)                                     (28.4-23.03 MA)


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