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4.6 GA                    PRECAMBRIAN SUPEREON (4 G)

                   HADEAN EON + (800 M)

4.57 GA                  Origin of Earth and solar system (Sun)

4.533 GA                "Big Splash" Giant Impact Hypothesis - Mars-size "Theia" hits Earth  - creates the Moon?

4.5 GA                    Origin of life on Earth

4 GA                       Origin of life in reducing atmosphere

3.8 GA                    ARCHAEAN EON (1.3 G)                               

                                EOARCHAEAN ERA  (200 M)

                        Isua greenstone belt forms - oldest surviving rock formation on Earth

3.6 GA                    PALEOARCHAEAN ERA (400 M)

                        Oldest "ascertained life form"

3.2 GA                    MESOARCHAEAN ERA (400 M)

2.8 GA               NEOARCHAEAN ERA  (300 M)

2.5 GA                    PROTEROZOIC2.5 EON  (2 G)  (-542 MA)

                                PALEOPROTEROZOIC ERA (900 M)  (-1.6 GA)

                                SIDERIAN2.5 PERIOD  (200 M)              (2.5-2.3 GA)

                                Cyanobacteria evolution - uses photosynthetic process to produce energy and oxygen

                                Photosynthetic oxygen permitted first global oxidation of iron ores

                                Colliding Archaen cratons


                                Huronian Glaciation (-2.1GA)

2.3 GA                    RHYACIAN PERIOD (250 M)                    (2.3-2.05 GA)

                                Bushveld Complex - in South Africa

2.1 GA                    Huronian Glaciation ends

2.05 GA                  OROSIRIAN PERIOD (250 M)         (2.05-1.8 GA)

                                Earth's atmosphere turns oxygen rich due to cyanobacteria

2.023 GA                Vredefort Impact Event - largest impact crater on earth in South Africa (300km dia)

1.85 GA                  Sudbury Basin Impact Event - 2nd largest impact crater (250km dia) on earth - 10km bolide

1.8 GA                    STATHERIAN PERIOD1.8  (200 M)          (1.8-1.6 GA)

                                Much of present day Greenland, central Canada, and north central US form a large craton

                                New platforms on most continents

                                Final cratonization of fold belts

                                Columbia Supercontinent forms at the beginning of Statherian

                                First complex single celled life appears

1.6 GA                    MESOPROTEROZOIC ERA (600 M)      (1.6-1 GA)

                                CALYMMIAN PERIOD  (200 M)                (1.6-1.4 GA)

1.5 GA                    Expansion of existing platform covers

                                New platforms form on recently cratonized basements

                                Columbia Supercontinent breaḱ

1.4 GA                    ECTASIAN PERIOD (200 M)                    (1.4-1.2 GA)

1.2 GA                    STENIAN PERIOD (200 M)                      (1.2-1 GA)

1.1 GA                    Rodinia Supercontinent forms        

1 GA                       NEOPROTEROZOIC ERA  (458 M)  (1G-542 MA)

                                TONIAN PERIOD (150 M)                        (1 G-850 MA)

                                First radiation of acritarchs begin

                                Events leading to the breakup of Rodinia begin during this period

850 MA                  CRYOGENIAN PERIOD  (215 M)             (850-635 MA)

                        Snowball Earth Hypothesis/Slushball Earth Hypothesis

750 MA                  Rodinia drifts apart into three continents - Protolaurasia, continental craton of Congo, and Proto-Gondwana

700 MA                  Great "Eocambrian Ice Age"

635 MA                  EDIACARAN PERIOD (95 M)                   (635-542 MA)  


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